For you

Dian Serra offers quality,
tailor-made garments constructed to
fit your body in all its curves and glory, no matter what
shape you are; we at Dian Serra want to
embrace your individuality, to empower you, and to strengthen
the love you have for yourself.


Our Philosophy

The values we hold dear are self-love and female empowerment.
We believe that accepting your body is a huge step
in loving who you are, and once you love who you are,
all good things in life will come to you.


Design Consultation

We offer one to one design consultations for bridal dresses and custom-tailoring orders
where we discuss the various fabric options, styles of cutting and embellishments
as well as provide price quotation according to your needs.

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Ground Floor and First Floor
No 35 Block C
Gadong Central Building
Kampong Menglait
Negara Brunei Darussalam

Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Sunday
10am to 8pm
Closed on Monday & Friday 12pm to 2pm

Call or text us at 2426223 or 7446223

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